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Thanks to everyone for coming to our wedding. We really enjoyed the whole weekend and the opportunity to see you all. We are sorry that not everyone was able to join us, but we will soon have pictures available on this website so that you can share the day with us. If you have pictures, please send those to us as well to add to our collection! The “professional” photos should all be available around mid-September and will be linked to from the “photo gallery” link on the left menu. For now there are a handful of snapshots on the page until the “real” ones are available.

For our honeymoon we went to Hawaii. We had a blast (of course) and can't wait to tell everyone about all the fun things we found to do on both Maui and Oahu. We will try to post some photos of the honeymoon in the near future as well.

Thanks again!

~ Mr. and Mrs. Fair

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